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Crow said
Yo! You should hurry up.
Many other gangsters already have their farms setup
And they're farming $AirCNB for their future gangs!

Grow2Earn Game
Grow Your Crops
Explore the ecosystem
Form Gangs

Grow Your Crops
Explore the ecosystem
Form Gangs
Discover the world of gangs
And their dangerous business

Participate in tournaments, fight amongst gangs and multiply your earnings.

Grow your plantation and receive $AirCNB tokens

Swap your farmed tokens $AirCNB to other cryptos

Expand your plantation up to 150 bushes and increase your income

Play Grinder and earn XP or in-game merchandise

Produce new seeds and earn even more $AirCNB


In-house marketplace
Buy and Sell

Gamification of every quest makes the game exciting for users

Welcome to the online world of cannabis farming and rival gangs!
Where can I use $AirCNB token?
Token Utility

The CanaBoyz game has mechanics that are only available for the $AirCNB token, such as Grinder or Seed Purchase. Artifacts to accelerate the growth of your farm are available for USDT.

Seeds for the game are sold for $AirCNB
Affiliate program, $AirCNB token stacking and NFT characters.

The use of tokens $AirCNB in the future in such genres as
PvP and RiskFI, as well as integration into partnerships with physical CBD companies.
Where can I use $AirCNB token?
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Frequently asked questions
Yes. We have this
fuctional and basically
it works with some
kind of rules.
Do you have main question to ask me?
Gameplay on Youtube
How to start playing?
Step 2
Connect to
the game
You can buy AirCNB
tokens in the game
Step 3
Buy game items and become
a farmer!
Step 4
Step 5
Plant, water, use accelerators and harvest!
Step 1
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Refer your friends and earn commission from their purchases

You can build your gang and play together

Gamification helps you better understand the process of cultivation and gain experience.
Develop the best strategies and earn more $AirCNB
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